Life of Fred

The Eden Series for the Beginning Reader 


✯ Small words and short sentences.
✯ Lots of fun reading.
✯ More than just fun reading. This series teaches lots of things.
✯ A new color for each of the Eden Series books. Your child will learn 18 colors.
✯ Full color text. Sewn binding—not adhesive. Will last for generations.
✯ Super cheap.

Most 16-page kids’ books cost at least $15.
These Eden Series books are 32-page books. $6. (← not a misprint!)


Set 1 (the first six books) Books are sold as a set.

Eden #1—Life of Fred: Blue
      Meeting Fred and his doll. Deciding where to vacation.

Eden #2—Life of Fred: Bus
      Reading clocks and the number 2. 

Eden #3—Life of Fred: Lake
      Dealing with wild life. 

Eden #4—Life of Fred: Potato Dreams
      Learning to talk about your dreams and making french fries.

Eden #5—Life of Fred: Ducks
      Three emotions: sad, happy, and afraid. Squares.

Eden #6—Life of Fred: Rain
      Ducks lay eggs. Activities you can do when it’s raining.


Set 2

Eden #7—Life of Fred: Mud
      One dog plus one dogs equals two dogs.  Making a mud hat.

Eden #8—Life of Fred: Night
      Reading a clock.  Days of the week.  How to make a play house.

Eden #9—Life of Fred: Dawn
      Purple, magenta, and violet.  You need a plan before you build a house.

Eden #10—Life of Fred: House
      Preparing the land.  Putting in a door.  Why you need a roof.

Eden #11—Life of Fred: Windows
      Why you need windows.  Buying and installing windows.

Eden #12—Life of Fred: Kitchen
       Selecting a stove and a refrigerator.  When to use a hammer.


Set 3

Eden #13—Life of Fred: Electricity
      Refrigerators need to be plugged in.  Calling Janice Electrical.  Janice installs five outlets and a switch.

Eden #14—Life of Fred: Dinner
       How to make spaghetti.  Using a compass: N, E, S, W.  One dime is ten cents.

Eden #15—Life of Fred: Evening
      Sharing spaghetti with a duck.  6 + 1 = 7  Washing dishes by hand.  Becoming an oil painter.

Eden #16—Life of Fred: Garden
      Ducks don't have teeth.  Planting a garden that the ducks won't eat.  Seven kinds of fruit trees.  How to plant a tree.

Eden #17—Life of Fred: Peach
      It takes several years until you get fruit.  Giving a gift makes the giver happy.  Making peach butter, peach leather, peach salad, and peach pizza.  Not taking things that aren't yours.

Eden #18—Life of Fred: Going Home
      How to pack.  What KITTENS University looks like.  Reading a map.  Ten rows and ten columns of dots.  Why oil painters can paint things that photographers can't photograph.


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