Your question:  In a panic.  My child is way behind. 


     This is a fairly frequent question.

     Often, a parent reports that they've spent a fortune on one or more other curricula and have wasted years.

     The material was boring and repetitive, and very little was retained.

     The material was mathematically light-weight. 


     They are now ready for Fred (= inexpensive, fun, not drill-and-kill, and mathematically complete). 


     Unfortunately, there is no magic way to zoom through the mathematics that needs to be learned.  (That being said, it should be noted that many of the Life of Fred courses take about half the time that it takes in a government school setting.  We don't have football rallies and teacher-training days.)

    Click here and head to the Where to Start page. 

     One last thought: Please don't try to artificially accelerate by skipping ahead or doing two books at once.  That can only result in MMP (Major Math Pain), which the Life of Fred series has done its best to avoid.



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