Life of Fred: Trig Expanded Edition


     The fourth year of high school math is covered.


    This hardback book does three things:

1.  Offers a complete course in trig.

2.  Offers six (optional) chapters which "Look Back" to the important topics in algebra. 

3.  Offers a Looking Forward to the two years of calculus and examines each of the 24 chapters in Life of Fred: Calculus and describes what parts of high school math will be required.  It provides exercises for each of the topics.


     $39 and we pay the shipping costs.



       On the second page of Fred's adventures he is offered "a bit of dinner":

Escargots in an Applewood-smoked Bacon Sauce
Spring Pea and Squash Blossom Soup with Duck Foie Gras
Montrachet Goat Cheese Melted over Young Field Greens
Smoked Pheasant Ravioli with Fresh Tarragon
Saltimbocca of Salmon in a Bed of Northern Elk Medallions

     If you know Fred, you know how much of that he ate.


     On the sixth page we define the first trig function: the sine function. 

    By the third chapter, Fred is involuntarily in the only boxing match of his life.  His 37 pounds are matched up with someone slightly larger than he is.




    Fred had prepared for the fight by having saltimbocca for breakfast. 







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