Your question: Schedule?  How quickly will I progress?


        The Life of Fred series is designed for home schoolers, so there is no need to cram, squeeze, or expand the material in order to fit into some government 9-month program. When students finish one course, then they begin the next one.

      The two books (LOF: Fractions and LOF: Decimals & Percents) together take about 65-70 lessons if you do one each day including the time for the Bridges exams.


            LOF: Pre-Algebra 0 with Physics, 40 daily lessons.
            LOF: Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology, 46 daily lessons.
            LOF: Pre-Algebra 2 with Economics (which does a lot of work with word problems), 34 daily lessons.

            LOF: Beginning Algebra Expanded Edition is presented in 104 lessons.   (The government schools usually take a school year---180 days.)

         Then LOF: Advanced Algebra Expanded Edition, 105 lessons.

         Then LOF: Geometry Expanded Edition, 2 semesters.

         My laying out lesson plans, which was true up through advanced algebra, was a bit like having training wheels on a bicycle.  After a while they become unnecessary—and even sometimes a hindrance.
         An adult, for example, reading a novel doesn't have the number of pages to be read each day laid out by the author.
         At this point in your child's education, I think it is important that some of the scheduling be done by your child. Instead of your laying out the schedule, I would suggest that you ask that your child look over the table of contents of the book and lay out a weekly outline of what will be covered in each week with the thought of finishing the book in a year's time.   Expect anywhere from nine months to 14 months to complete the book—depending on how many optional chapters, such as chapter 5 1/2 or chapter 7 1/2 or chapter 8 1/2, etc. are covered—and depending on the academic ability of your child.
         This is a step toward adulthood . . . taking responsibility for little part of one's own education.

       Then LOF: Trig Expanded Edition, 94 daily lessons.

       Then they will begin LOF: Calculus which covers all of the two years of college calculus.  It is not broken into lessons.

       LOF: Statistics Expanded Edition covers a year of college statistics.    
       For high school seniors, consider finishing the first five chapters (the first 203 pages of the book).  That will give you a solid grounding in statistics. 

       LOF: Linear Algebra Expanded Edition is a full semester upper division college course.

      LOF: Real Analysis is a full semester upper division course.

     LOF: Five Days of Upper Division Math is a full semester upper division course that provides a significant introduction to four fields studied by math majors: Set Theory, Modern Algebra, Abstract Arithmetic, and Topology. 


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