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General Questions

Why choose Life of Fred?
Where should I start in the Life of Fred series?
Do I need to supplement Fred?
Are the books self-contained or do I need to buy other stuff like calculators, manipulatives, etc.?
What's in each of the books?
Why order through this web site?
How do I order?
I'm weak in math.  How much math do I have to teach?

Tell Me About . . .

. . . Three Ways That Life of Fred Is Different
. . . the Elementary and Intermediate Series
. . . Life of Fred: Fractions and Life of Fred: Decimals & Percents
. . . the three books before Beginning Algebra
. . . Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra
. . . Life of Fred: Advanced Algebra
. . . Life of Fred: Geometry
. . . Life of Fred: Trig
. . . Life of Fred: Calculus 
. . . Life of Fred: Statistics
. . . Life of Fred: Linear Algebra
. . . Life of Fred: Five Days
. . . Life of Fred: Real Analysis


Time and Money Questions

Schedule?  How quickly will I progress?
Which comes first: Geometry or Advanced Algebra?
Why are the Life of Fred books so inexpensive?
Coupons, Discounts, Sales---Are we like Kohl's?
E-book, CDs, DVDs, etc.?


My child is way behind
My child is progressing too quickly
Grading your child's work
College Transcripts

Other Questions

Who is Fred?





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