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Chapter 1 Functions
Range, Onto, 1-1 Correspondences, Inverse Functions

Chapter 2 Limits
ε-δ Definition

Chapter 3 Speed
Average Speed vs. Instantaneous Speed

Chapter 4 Slope
Tangent Lines

Chapter 5 Derivatives
Product/Quotient/Chain Rules with proofs

Chapter 6 Concavity
Second Derivatives

Chapter 7 Trigonometry
Tests for Extrema

Chapter 8 Related Rates
Implicit Differentiation
Explicit/Implicit/Parametric representations

Chapter 9 Curvature
Mean Value Theorem and its proof
L'Hospital Rule

Chapter 10 Integrals
Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and its proof

Chapter 11 Area
Parametric Forms for Area and Length
Improper Integrals

Chapter 12 Work
Solids of Revolution

Chapter 13 Centroids
Average Value of a Function
Integration by Parts
Moments of Inertia

Chapter 14 Logs
Probability Density Functions
Bounded Increasing Sequences

Chapter 15 Conics
Hydrostatic Force
Oblique Asymptotes

Chapter 16 Infinite Series
Tests for Convergence

Chapter 17 Solids of Revolution
Trig Substitutions
Surface Area
Arc Length

Chapter 18 Polar Coordinates
Alternating Series
Power Series
Evaluating Integrals Using Substitutions
Partial Fractions
Maclaurin and Taylor Series
Remainder Formula for Taylor

Chapter 19 Hyperbolic Trig Functions
Separating the Variables in Differential Equations
Numerical Integration

Chapter 20 Vectors
Scalar and Dot Products

Chapter 21 Partial Derivatives
Chain Rule with Intermediate Variables
Lagrange Multipliers

Chapter 22 Double Integrals
Cylindrical Coordinate System
Spherical Coordinates

Chapter 23 Vector Calculus
Directional Derivative
Line Integrals
Green's Theorem
Flux of a Vector through a Surface
Divergence Theorem
Stokes's Theorem

Chapter 24 Differential Equations
Variables Separable
Exact and Integrating Factors
Orthogonal Trajectories
First Order Linear
Bernoulli's equation
Second Order Differential Equations



Life of Fred: Calculus is not just a first year calculus book.
     Lagrange multipliers (chapter 21)
    Green’s Theorem (chapter 23)
    Stokes’s Theorem (chapter 23)
    Second Order Differential Equations (chapter 24)


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