Intersections: Christianity & Today


A discussion group. Each week we focus on a different topic somewhere in the intersection of Christianity and living in today's world.


We meet at 6:45 p.m. on Wednesdays and conclude promptly at 8.

Contact our Director, Miriam Parks, 851-4158 for more information.

You are welcome to join us.


Here are some recent topics. These are not your usual "churchy" topics!

Click on any of them to see the discussion sheet.


Of Obdurate Pain and Chronic Worries

Owls, Fur & Trees---Idols?

I.Q., Heredity, and Race

Tender Terminations---the Many Ways We Must Say Goodbye

Are Our Lives Too Safe?

Forbidden Worlds---Occupations Closed to Christians


Twelve Life Goals

Our Stuff: Toys vs. Tools

No Exceptions for Nice People

Fantasies We Have

The Difficulties We Have with Freedom

When You Only Have Two Gardeners or . . . How We Spend Our Money

Listening—A Lost Art?

The Role of the Arts in Our Lives

Forgiving and Forgetting

Other People---Our Greatest Joys---Our Greatest Pain

What Then Can God Do?

The Third Angel

On Not Being a Prig

Child Substitutes




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