Community Fellowship
  Membership Report   

                                 . . . unlike any other church membership report that you have ever read.


The Membership Chairman has just completed the official list of the membership of Community Fellowship. We are happy to announce that we are the largest church in Reno.

Included are not only 80 or so individuals who regularly attend our worship services each Sunday. Included are those who would attend but who are separated by distance or by ill health. Included are those who would attend, but have obligations on Sunday morning to work or to attend other places of worship.



Included are those who wake up each morning and praise the Almighty for the sunshine, for the flowers, or for another day of life.




Included in our membership rolls are those who seek God but cannot fully grasp Him. Those who doubt and cannot feel Him. Those who wish to see, but have not yet seen.

Included are those who curse God, who look at the world and see only injustice, pain, and darkness. Those who rail against God and who would cry, “God damn you, God!” except for the fact that damning God makes no sense at all—to be damned is to be separated from God.

Included are those who fail to hear God’s choir of singing birds and children’s laughter, who fail to see God’s artistry in the sunrise or in a mother’s face, who fail to taste His sweetness in a lover’s kiss.

dark red tracks


Included are those who are worn down by the grinding of everyday life and have not yet felt His soothing touch.




Our membership rolls are as wide as the arms of God. There are no senior members, no charter members, no special officers of the church. Community Fellowship is not our church—it is His. We could no more limit its membership then we could flap our arms and fly to the moon. We are all equal members, all brothers and sisters. We call no man “father, master, teacher, or bishop.” (Matthew 23:8–10)

Our official membership list contains approximately six billion names—for it is the names of those in His family. It includes the names of all those who have walked before us, who have traveled through death and now live in the Church Triumphant—who today see Him face-to-face—a vision that we shall some day also enjoy.

No one is compelled to join. No one is forced. There is no Inquisition. With great sorrow, God releases from His family any who wish to leave the sunshine of his love. His love comes with no compulsion. They may ask the Father for their inheritance and leave for a far country. Their request will be granted because that is what Love is all about—both embracing and letting go. He does accept collect calls from those who have chosen to leave. In each of their pockets, He has placed a train ticket home, if they should ever care to use it. That ticket was purchased 2000 years ago.

We are the largest church in Reno.