Unsolicited Raves from Readers . . .


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Dr. Schmidt,
I just received your book in the mail. Page after page bring me to tears. THANK YOU. These prayers are simple and profound and express what is in my heart. I appreciate your perspective so much and I wanted to let you know.

I love your prayers, insight and passion.  I'm also enjoying the pictures too.

May there be twenty-eight more like it.  It has become my “book of hours.”  I change the page every day and read the prayers.

The combination of deep faith without piety pleases me.   The way you see the divine at every turn reaffirms my own experience.

Thank you so much for the awesome book!

What a gentle collection of small prayers in your own inimitable style.  I will indeed peruse one or two a day, as you suggest, during my morning meditations.  . . . The small girl on page 20 is captivating.  I love how her head is tipped, her colar askew, her hands folded.







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